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Hi Dano,

Are you talking about what-wire-does-what as far as the radio is concerned? If so, I just installed a deck into my 2000 Sephia and I figured out what the wires all are (well, except for two of them).

green, no stripe -- power (ignition)
black, no stripe -- ground
pink, no stripe -- constant 12V
white w/ green stripe -- front left, pos
white w/ black stripe -- front left, neg
yellow w/ red stripe -- front right, pos
yeloow w/ no stripe -- front right, neg
brown w/ green stripe -- rear left, pos
brown w/ black stripe -- rear left, neg
green w/ yellow stripe -- rear right, pos
orange w/ black stripe -- rear right, neg
blue w/ white stripe -- no idea
green w/ black stripe -- no idea

Your deck should work even without the last two connected -- if you figure out what they are let us know :)

-- Evan
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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