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Dear Fellow Kia Sorento 4x4 Owners,

I am new to the board and have had my Sorento for about 6 months and I am crazy about it. I bought the LX Manual 4x4 and have been taking it off road and have a great time with it. However the ride is pretty soft and off road performance could use some real improvements. I have been searching everywhere for the equipment required to do this. It turns out that only ONE REAL off-road company produces anything for the Sorento. ARB is an Australian company which specializes in serious off road equipment. They produce 4 products for our vehicles Struts, Shocks, Coils and a Nudge Bar. They are not cheap. But they are some of the best. Anyway this is not a commercial, but since they are willing to make stuff for Sorento’s, you need to know about them.

The Bottom Line:

I called them and asked if they would produce more equipment for the Sorento and the gentleman who answered the call said that he has a running list and that I was the 1ST person to EVER call about the Sorento. I was Stunned. There have to be more people out there who actually use the SUV off-road…Right?

They are open to making more but only if the consumer needs demand it. So PLEASE call them and ask them to make more. Why should the 2007 Toyota FJ cruiser have all this stuff available as soon as it comes out when our vehicle could do all it does and more. So call them and use their stuff. They went out on a limb to make this stuff for us, let’s use it.

Below is some great information:

Contact Information

ARB 4x4 Accessories (USA)
720 SW 34th Street
Renton, WA 98057
Tel: (425) 264 1391
Fax: (425) 264 1392
Email: [email protected]

About “Old Man Emu”:

From the website:
“Suspension sag, handling problems and an uncomfortable ride are common concerns for vehicle owners with standard suspension. OME addresses these problems by developing suspension systems that cater for specific vehicle characteristics. We do this via our renowned team of engineers, who design and test every element of the suspension system - a practice unique to OME.

By installing a fully integrated 4x4 suspension system, we can dramatically improve the safety and handling of your vehicle.”

PARTS Required For a Complete KIA Sorento 4x4 OME Suspension:
Front Struts:
  • 1 x N147S $155.00 MSRP (Right)
  • 1 x N148S $155.00 MSRP (Left)
Rear Shocks:
  • 2 x N149 $75.00 MSRP (Each)
Front Coils:
  • 2 x OME902 $75.00 MSRP (Each) ¾” Lift
  • 2 x OME903 $75.00 MSRP (Each) 1” Lift
Matt the desert_rat
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