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The October 2004 issue of Autocar contains a letter and the accompanying editorial response about potential problems of common rail direct injection diesel engines using Asian standard diesel fuel.

The editorial goes: "...Only one [oil] company confirmed that a more 'stringent' maintenance schedule is required to keep the cars running healthily" when running on Asian diesel. It further states: "However, it should be emphasized that this issue is more relevant to the newer generation of common rail turbo diesel engines..."

The letter writer "Rene" from Malaysia notes that Caltex's response to his inquiry went on to say, "If your car make and model requires diesel fuel meeting EURO III+, then the diesel fuel in Malaysia is not yet appropriate for the designed engine ... Thus the car can have higher particulate and smoke levels that could clog the catalytic converters and encounter starting problems after a while."

Question: Do we have the same problem in the Philippines, specifically with the Sorento 2.5 CrDi?
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