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Apart from Kia's, What cars are you into?

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Ok so I'm a bit bored at the moment, so I thought it would be interesting to see what cars you guys (or gals) are into that isn't an Kia.

Mine would have to be the new Alfa Romeo 4c, that car is beautiful.

Let me know yours :)
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Cars from the 90's are the best for me. I can add whatever I want to those cars without asking permission to their computers. I have installed those Pioneer audio devices with GPS and backup cameras, cigarette lighters, even replaced airbags and adapted steering wheels, ignition controls and cylinders and the cars worked without issues. Their computer programing is a process of 30 minutes playing with the ignition. Installing out of the market key remote controls requires a paper clip and playing with the ignition key as well. You can buy used or "refurbished" PCMs to those cars and they will work fine.

Unfortunately the 90's car engines and transmissions were produced with different electronics (hardness) more often, something which stop allowing you to replace them between a greater number of models. But I had a 87 Nissan pickup which received without problems the turbo of a Nissan 200sx... lol (I didn't do that job, a neighbor did it for me).

The reviews proclaim the Chrysler as a terrible car, but I swear I enjoyed a Reliant for several years and I can tell that was so easy to fix that for replacing the timing belt a long 2x4 was the only "special tool" needed to rise up the engine and replace the belt. The car was cheap all the ways, parts available at any car parts store. Driving it was fine, of course didn't last long, but for the price of the car, I can say it was great when that car was working.

Contrary to what many people think or say, to me if the car has an engine/transmission warranty of 60,000 miles and broke out at 60,001 miles, then that car has fulfilled its warranty and your investment ends right there. From that point you just can't complaint saying the car "is not good". You just have to invest more money to keep that car working at your own expense.

If the car has an engine/transmission warranty of 60,000 miles and it last 240,000 miles without issues, then you have quadrupled your investment, because you paid for a car that technically is guaranteed to work well up to 60,000 miles only.

A different scenario is if the car promises 30,000 miles bumper to bumper and 60,000 miles engine/transmission warranty and the car suffers all kind of failures before those parameters, then "that car is bad". You paid for a new car lasting 30,000 miles and 60,000 miles correspondingly in good shape, this is why is called "warranty". Taking the car continually to the dealer to be fixed at no cost for you still making that car as of bad quality vehicle anyways. For this reason, I can say that the Chrysler Reliant indeed fulfilled its part of being a good car for me. It lasted 45,000 miles over its warranty without greater issues.

I like American cars because the comfort. To me it has been a surprise the Kia K5 brings better comfort than Honda and Nissan. The Toyota cars are not bad either. I have no idea about Mitsubishi or Mazda, I never went inside those cars neither as passenger.

I just finished fixing the under the hood damage in my 99 Buick. Found airbags on eBay, and body parts on junk yards. Need some adjustments with a crooked hood I bought for 50 bucks. But the car drives like new, you don't feel the road and only problem is gas consumption when is compared to modern cars. The AC needs to be refilled, I will use the vacuum machine next week, fill it up and will be ready for next Summer. I bought that car for $1,000 and 50,000 miles and was like new inside and outside. The seller thought he sold me a lemon because it had 40 codes. I fixed the codes just by replacing the MFA sensor, the coolant sensor besides the thermostat, one 02 sensor, the gas cap, and cleaning and replacing vacuum lines, etc.Not a great additional investment.

We need one more vehicle anyway, but will wait for 2022 models, we want to see what a pickup from Hyundai is about. Hyundai promised its pickup truck last year but the pandemic -the said- caused a delay and will be for this year. By now, if it is about trucks, the Toyota Tacoma is what we want, the American trucks are full of failures, some with transmissions, others with electrical issues.
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