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Wow things are so different in the UK.
I'm based in Doha, Qatar. I went to Kia on a wednesday, had a full choice of colours and picked the car up on the following Monday. What we don't get is a choice of spec. We only get an AWD V6 Auto. No option of leather or climate control. But everything else is fitted as standard. I went for black then had the rear glass tinted. Out here the driving conditions are a little different from the UK, no chance to try it on snow. But last weekend I took it into the desert and bashed some dunes. With the tyre pressue low it floated across the dunes with no problem at all. The V6 was ample power to get out of the soft sand. I was with some guys in Pathfinders and Range Rovers, they now have respect for the Sportage.
On the road the car is like a GTi, here you need ample power to push through the traffic and take on Landcruisers at the roundabouts, the Kia does it in style.
Have to say I was a car snob and wouldn't have gone for a Kia in the UK, but I would now
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