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08 Magentis 2.7, 08 Citroen C1, 88 Yamaha ZR750, Kinroad 50, Yuen 125-23
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Well this day had to come I guess. My car is approaching 5 years old so has to be replaced so I comply with the company car rules at work.:(

Its been great fun and I have to say that this forum and Kia Tech Info provided great suppport.
I've gone back into the company car scheme now and just ordered myself a Ford Mondeo estate.
Still be around for a while though until the new car arrives in about October.

If anyone wants to buy a 2008 Magentis with the proper engine in, not one of those little 4-pots, running on LPG then let me know.:p

I can certainly say, "I did it my way":)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts