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Untill I came across this,

Early in 1976, a French school teacher who was a competent and experienced driver managed to stall his car on a level-crossing.
He left the car to telephone a warning and in his absence a goods train traveling at 102km per hour hit his car.
The train pushed the car some 150 metres, tearing up 100 metres of track in the process and wrecking a bridge.
The engine and 21 wagons from the train then overturned and fell into a canal. Unfortunately the story did not end there because the wagons contained various types of beer and a whole range of cartons of powdered soap.

By the time the railway rolling stock had been retrieved from the canal, the bridge and track repaired, the canal drained and millions of inebriated and well-fed, but quite dead, fish removed from the canal bed - the schoolteacher had brought upon his car insurers a claim for the equivalent, of some £40,000,000.

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