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Please give me five minutes to read and decide if you are interested in AUXITO's light bulb installation review.

Halogen, xenon, laser, and LED lighting systems are the four main types of bulbs available for use in automobiles. While halogen lights have been the standard for U.S. cars since the 1970s, a few carmakers are switching over to LED headlights for their products. LED lighting offers manufacturers a lot of flexibility in lighting design and more reliability in electric or hybrid cars.

Around three themes
1. Pros and Cons of Switching From Halogen to LED Headlights.
2. Decide your LED bulbs brand.
3. AUXITO LED bulbs testing plan.

1. Pros and Cons of Switching From Halogen to LED Headlights.

The Pros of LED Headlights

LED headlights are becoming more popular — and for good reason. They offer several benefits, as described below.

LED Headlamps Are More Energy-Efficient

One of the biggest reasons for the switch from halogen to LED lighting is the low power draw needed to run LED lights. LED headlights use only a fraction of the electricity necessary to run standard halogen headlights.

Less power strain on your system means less wear on your battery and alternator. If you accidentally leave the headlights on when the car is not running, your LED headlights may not draw enough electricity to kill your battery. Your halogen lights, on the other hand, will render your battery useless without a jump-start if the headlights are accidentally left on for too long.

LED Headlights Last Longer

Halogen headlights are far cheaper than LED lights, but they only have a life span between 1,000 and 6,000 hours. LED lights can give you 25,000 to 30,000 hours of uninterrupted vehicle lighting. The long life of the LED bulb is a serious plus for people who:

  • Own multiple vehicles
  • Drive long distances routinely
  • Lack the ability to service their own cars
  • Live remotely with no local car-parts store

LED lights aren’t as sensitive to the dirt on your hands. You don’t have to be delicate when changing LED headlight bulbs. This factor makes the onerous task of changing out bulbs far easier.

The Cons of LED Headlights

Despite their advantages, LED headlights are not without problems. Here are a few disadvantages to keep in mind.

LED Lights Are Not Omni-Directional

LED lights emit light in a straight fashion from each diode. The light of an LED array is far more intense than the light produced by a standard halogen lamp, but that doesn’t necessarily translate into better illumination when driving. Unless you aim the LED bulbs properly, you end up with headlights that don’t show you as much of the road.

If you change the height of your vehicle with different-size tires or a new suspension, you must reorient the bulbs. Otherwise, the lights will aim too high or too low for the safety of you and other drivers on the road. LED lights aimed too high can blind other drivers, while LED headlights aimed too low don’t reveal enough of the highway ahead.

LED Lights Don’t Get Hot Enough

When you regularly drive in snowy or icy conditions, you end up with iced-over headlamp lenses while driving with LED fixtures installed. Automakers have created several designs to address this problem, but the fixes aren’t enough in many cases.

You should also be aware that LED headlights are not permitted in some areas. Your local auto shop can tell you if LED lights are street-legal in your location. Click Here for a more detailed breakdown of compliance.

Now that you've decided to go with an LED headlight bulb for your next lighting upgrade, you're faced with thousands of different products for sale on the internet. How do you choose? Here’s what you should know.:unsure:

2. Decide your LED bulbs brand.

Over the last year, we've been testing of LED headlight bulbs on different vehicles, and we're testing for beam patterns, brightness and color. It doesn't matter which brand you like because they all work differently. Even in the same headlight housing with similar looking bulbs, we can get drastically different beam pattern results.

That's why it's so important to do the testing. We found that some LED chips made better beam patterns than others and we found that some bulbs didn't even fit in the headlight housings. With all of our testing, what we found to be probably the most important factor in the best LED headlight bulbs are how closely the LED chips mimic the incandescent light bulb filament from your original headlight.

AUXITO Adopts 1:1 Beam Pattern

Product Yellow Font Gas Rectangle

The spacing between each LED should be as close to the width of the original filament as possible. When you have a big bar of metal between the LEDs, it's spaced out too far and your beam pattern will be out of focus with no hotspot and glaring everybody on the road.

You can see the metal between the AUXITO LEDs is extremely thin, allowing the LED position to be as close to the original halogen position as possible.

Liquid Rocket Font Line Poster

AUXITO has the confidence and strength of its own brand. We can always be active in the market because our products have always maintained market competitiveness. With the progress of the times and the update of the lights, AUXITO is also keeping pace with the times. Our research team has developed a series of high-brightness, high-efficiency, high-quality upgraded lights in 2022. We sent new LED products to many KOC/KOL from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and related forums for quality review, and received accepptance. In a premise of ensuring quality and quantity, we put them on the market successively in the first half of this year.

3. AUXITO LED bulbs testing plan.

People often mention "Headlight Revolution". This is not an accidental phenomenon. The reason why HeadlightRevolution can walk at the forefront of car light bulb brands is their continuous testing and updating of products. This is also what AUXITO needs to learn.

So here's the point!!!

AUXITO now invites members of the Kiaforum forum to review the quality of our light bulbs. We decided to distribute 3 review quotas free of charge to the members of the Kiaforum forum every week. If you are interested in AUXITO LED products, you can contact me by email: [email protected], Facebook etc.,

Every holiday season, we will randomly select users in the comment section every day to send a set of car bulbs for give away activities.
Whether it's headlights, fog lights, turn signals, interior lights or brake lights, reverse lights, as long as you need them and as long as we have them, we'll be able to give them to you.
Come on and leave a comment!

My name is Jackson, the official manager of AUXITO active in Kiaforum.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message.

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Hi Jackson,

I have some experience with your company, AUXITO. Overall it was a great experience working with your team. I bought led headlights for my van (2008 Chrysler Town and Country) and they are so good. I have never been able to see better before using these. When I installed them I noticed that they flickered, so I contacted customer service and they promptly sent me decoders, which solved the problem with flickering.

I can’t remember for certain but I think I have AUXITO led bulbs for my 2014 Kia Sorento as well. The problem I noticed with the Kia is that the low beams are very dim. Halogens were dim and so are the leds, but not as bad as the halogens. I have noticed this and so have other members of this forum. The cut off is very sharp, though. I can clearly see the beam pattern on the garage door.

The problem with the Kia is that it uses H7 bulbs. I cannot find a good led bulb for H7. This is because the wiring connector also acts as the socket that the bulb plugs into, which goes into the headlight assembly. I’ve tried the H7 adapters and some h7 bulbs (with a fan and separate wiring connector) but they require an adapter that never works for me. It’s hard to use. Currently I’m using fanless H7 bulbs which are plug and play, but they are not bright. This is my dilemma.

I appreciate you and your team reaching out and getting opinions because it shows that you care. I know that when I’m treated right, I become a loyal customer and I tell others about my experience and recommendations. But if I have a bad experience it’s the opposite.
We appreciate your recognition of our company's products and hope that you will keep your love for our products.

We are also currently tackling this problem, I have already passed your question to our R&D team,

I will inform you as soon as we have a good solution.


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💡🙋 Hope that users who have used AXUITO can come up with some suggestions.
With your opinions our products will become better and better💡💪.
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