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An attempt at a quick explanation of trouble codes.

The following may be of some help to forum members to help understand Diagnostic Trouble Codes. This is just a basic explanation but it might come in handy . DTCs used in OBD-II vehicles begin with a letter followed by 4 numbers.
The first letter in the code tells you the function of the device that has failed.
P = Powertrain
C = Chassis device
B = Body device
U= Network or data

The first number indicates if the code is generic or manufacturer specific.
0 & 2 are generic. 1 is manufacturer specific.

The second number indicates which system is affected by the fault using numbers 1-7.

1 = Fuel and air metering
2 = Fuel and air metering [injection circuit only]
3 = Ignition system or misfire
4 = Auxiliary emission controls
5 = Vehicle speed controls and idle control system
6 = Computer output circuits
7 = Transmission

The last 2 numbers indicate the component or section of the system where the fault is located . It hard to explain simply, you need a code list from a workshop manual to pin down the exact fault. This is by no means a comprehensive guide but it may be of some help if you get any codes.
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