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2004 Kia Amanti
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Hi Guys:
I’m from Puerto Rico, working on the hospitality industry for 15 years, 39 year old, married with four kids.

I just recently bought a 5K miles Kia Amanti that a local bank took back from a client. Trust me is been a amonth with my car and every single day I enjoy using my car. I pay cheap for my Amanti 28K due to taxes here compare to 38K list price at the local dealer.

I already change a few things on my Amanti, first it was wheels and tires (18” wheels gray-black with 225 ZR tires) it change dramatically the ride and give it a stronger movements. I took off the Kia emblem from the truck and leave only AMANTI. I change also the grill on which I paint the horizontal chrome lines and leave only and gave my car a Jaguar look.

My babe is metallic gray with gray. Everybody is been asking if is a Jaguar or Bentley which it make me feel really proud of my Amanti.
Don’t be surprise that this car can be compare with Mercedes and Lexus as well.
By the way I also have a Kia Optima 2001 LX V6 and it been now four years with it with no problem at all (besides normal tear and wear)

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