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To paraphrase a hopeful (but disappointed) American of last year.....
Hello! My name's Malcolm Bullett and I'm reporting for duty......
Ah well, it's a bit different anyway isn't it.
For anyone who's interested and says "so where the hell is Newport Pagnell and what's so special about it anyway" The small town is situated about 40 miles North of London just off the M1 Motorway, close to, but not part of, Milton Keynes and one of the things that makes it special is the fact that another rather special car is built here - The Aston Martin!
One can drool as one walks past their forecourt, but at least I can get a couple of sets of golf clubs and trolleys in my Carens - that's more than you can get in an Aston!
There'a a problem on the Carens forum for any of you budding experts, take a look. All the best to you all, enjoy your varied vehicles but above all be safe. Cheers

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