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:D :D :D Hi, if you look back at earlier date in this forum you will notice this subject has been looked at before. I also mentioned the wonders of 'wonder wheels' & how good it was!!!
The reason for my reply now is really an update.
Thanks to Murhwiz's advice on trying to get a new set of alloys through warrenty, I approached my Kia garage ( Edwards Kia, near Worcester ..... very good customer service ! ) spoke to Peter Lewis, warrenty manager .... very helpfull. Some pics were taken & e.mailed to Kia who returned an answer next day giving permission for a full set of new alloys to be issued. A week later the new wheels ( all 5 ) have been fitted complete with proper laquer & no more probs. A quick visit to Halfords to purchase some turtle wax brake dust protection & the jobs done. Car looks the dogs b******s again & I am one happy bunny!!!! Try it with your local dealer, youve nothing to loose. A word of note, my wheels were very bad so it is probably on a case by case senario. GOOD LUCK !
Thanks again to Murpwiz & all at Edwards Kia .... Oh & Kia customer services as well for a job well done !! :thumbsup: :D :D :D
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