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2003 Kia Sorento
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Try this...

Open the drivers door

Turn the ignition on (don't start though)

Find the programming button. It should be under the dash tapped to a wire harness. It's black and has a hood over it; probably located around the hood cable on the left side.

Press and hold the button in for 10-15 seconds. When the horn beeps 3 times, release the button.

Press the button one more time (horn should honk 4 times)

Press the panic button once (horn will honk one more time)

Press the unlock button a few times. This decreases the sensitivity, which is what you need. Pressing the lock button will increase the sensitivity. Each time you press the button the horn will honk.

When your done with that, press the panic button again. The horn will chirp two more times.

Now turn the ignition off.

The remote start has two types of sensitivity. One for light impacts which causes the horns to chirp, and the other is for hard impacts which causes the horns to go off. This adjusts the one for light impacts.

If you needed to adjust the one for harder impacts, you do the same steps, except after you press the panic button for the second time, you would press the lock or unlock buttons to adjust the sensitivity just like you did after you pressed the panic button the first time.
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