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98 sephia
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I was very excited to have put an aftermarket air filter in my 98 sephia. Who doesn't like the roaring sound of air screaming going into the manifold??? The whistling sound as the tranny switches gears... The problem is... it didn't work!

Materials: 1 Small APC cone filter, 1-3" intake connector, 1-3"X3" pipe to use as part of intake (I will call this intake pipe).

Procedure: I did this on the smallest budget possible ($40). 1) Remove air temp. sensor and discard entire air box after MAF sensor 2) bore hole into intake pipe to connect sensor there, 3) connect MAF to intake pipe with connector purchased, 4) connect the other end of intake pipe to filter cone.

Data: The car turned on fine. I could also hear the air being sucked just like planned. Took it for a drive and noticed that once stopped, it took 1.5-2 seconds for the car to go after pressing the gas pedal. After driving for a while, it kicked codes for MAF range (PO101) and cylinder 2 misfire.

Analysis: Since the car was lazy to take off from rest, I figure it might just be a spark plug on cylinder 2: Took it out and noticed that it was completely black (like cylinder was not burning the fuel right). I took the other ones out and they were the same so I changed all plugs. The car still hesitated to go from rest and shook like wanting to turn off.

I then thought maybe not enough air is going into the engine as the filter was small. So I took the filter off and turned on the car but it still shook and was lazy to go.

Solution: Changed entire intake back to stock!

Do any of you have aftermarket intakes? What do you think was wrong with my Sephia's intake?
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