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Hello Everyone!

I am new to this forum and wondering if someone can help me with my aftermarket alarm/remote start issue.

I have purchased a Crimestopper SP-502 paired with a Fortin EVO-ALL immobilizer bypass and installed it in my 2009 Kia Borrego.

Alarm wiring from
Bypass wiring from Fortin website

Here is my issue:

1. When I arm my car with new alarm, its goes off in approximately 15 seconds. I would try to arm it again, and it goes off again in 15 seconds. When I check LED light for diagnostics, its shows 2 LED Flashes = Door Violation. I have checked my connection from Trigger Inputs to rear area module right side 44-pin harness "yellow" wire pin #7 and it looked good (connection has been hard-wired). Is there something missing to connect? please advise.

2. Remote start will ONLY work 1st and sometimes 2nd tries after connecting the battery. They it would not turn over after that. When I check LED light for diagnostics, its shows 5 Parking Light Flashes (5 LED Flashes) = Ignition On before Remote Start. They I would disconnect battery and reconnect and same cycle where it only turns on 1st and sometimes 2 tries. Please advise.

Thanks for your help!
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