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hey guys! i have a 2005 spectra5 with the single dinn mp3 cd player, but im also wanting to change mine., i have a jvc mp3 deck that slso plays wma, so id really prefer that then stock, also my jvc has silver trim which matches the dash in ther car very nicely! i know - not important but i find it quite appealing! any way, if someone has a link or some photos or an email they can send of their deck swap so i dont wreck anything when i do mine! also because its single dinn, do i need a hardware kit to install or will it fit? i know i need a wiring harness (which are also hard to find - most shiops dont have parts for 05's. but i heard a hyundai harness might work)
any help would be awsome!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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