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I think you can mark down a 4th variant for the included factory stereos. I've included a pic for reference. This is out of a brand new Spectra5 in Canada. It's a CD/MP3 player, has a super-strong FM tuner (I can pick up stations with it from further away than I have with any othe radio!). My only problems with it are:
1) It's ugly as hell and does the dash no justice
2) It skips a lot
3) Did I mention it's ugly as hell?

So, I'm replacing it tomorrow with a new Sony CDX-M8815X which should juice up the look of the dash a little. :) On Tuesday I'm having the grille replaced (with a nice mesh one), the rear spoiler put on, and my Motorola Bluetooth phone kit into it. I'll take pics once it's done for you to all soo, but for now I included one of what it looks like now.



1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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