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Hey Everyone -

I've noticed there have been alot of posts about the stereo removal in the New Body style Spectras. After just completing mine, I figured I would share with everyone. The center belzel pops off fairly easy when using a small thin flat tipped screw driver. There is about 6 retaining clips, 3 on each side. You should cover the screw driver in a rag or something to avoid marking up your dash panel. Once that is off, you'll need to unhook the plugs for the HVAC controls and the hazard flashers. The radio then just pops out with 4 screws.
The only problem I had is, at the time of me writing this, I could not find a dash kit for the new body style Spectra. Crutchfield said that the old body style kit should work... well it doesn't. The screw holes where the radio mounts into the dash panel are farther apart then they are on the old body style spectra. Also, on the new body style, the radio has a support arm to hold the radio up in the back. I managed to make the kit they sent me work, although there is a half inch gap in my dash because I had to sit the radio so far back. I drilled a couple screw holes in the kit to make it work for now. Crutchfield told me that they would send me the new kit once they get it in, so hopefully they keep to what they say. Never the less, I am MUCH happier with a aftermarket radio over that Piece of S*!T stock stereo!! My stock radio never picked up any FM radio stations, and it always seemed like it would skip when playing CD's, even if the scratch or mark on the CD was very tiny.

Hope this helps! :p
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