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Ok, I JUST finished adding keyless to my 2013 Kia Rio. Here is what I learned,

The back doors are EASY. You will use the same ol' actuators that we have been using for years. Where you will interface is the key. Completely remove the locking mechanism (remove the 3 T30 screws). When you get it out, pop the black cover off the mechanism. Follow the "lock/unlock" cable to the black plastic lever. On the bottom of this lever is a hole. Use the rod and bend a hook in it through this hole. Tie it to the actuator, and bingo. Electric locks on the back.

The fronts aren't so easy. Here is why. That spiffy hole we used in the back door is for the "unlock by pulling the inside handle" option. You know, when you lock the door, then use the inside handle to open the door it automatically unlocks. Well that hole we used is filled with that feature. So, the easy suggestion is to sacrifice this option (I had to on one door). The other option is to loop the bar around the lower portion of the locking mechanism. As you look at the lock and see how it works, there is a black bar that moves up and down with the locking mechanism. I was able in one door to just loop around this bar to actuate the lock. BUT, here is the part about that! If you tension it too much, when you lock the door, you will be triggering the "door open" mechanism as well. If you adjust it a little wonky, what will happen is that when you unlock, the lock will open, but when you pull the handle to open the door, the bar will be out of position just a wee bit and you will NOT open the door, but re-lock it.

Mu suggestion, sacrifice the "unlock by opening" feature and connect the actuator to that nice little hole.

And just so you know, total cost in this project:
$16.00 for keyless command module
$0.00 for (4) actuators (already had)
$0.00 for (2) 30 relays (already had)
Misc. wire and connectors
and overall about 12 hours in installation. Most of this was time spent figuring out what I just shared with you.

Oh, and I had to sacrifice (3) metal coat hangers for the actuation rods, since the rods that come with the actuators aren't long enough to mount the actuators in the door with all the extra crap Kia sticks in there.
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