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From a private message to DavesSpectra...
Hi Dave
I have a problem with my kia spectra5 2008 sx my ac compressor is not getting any power at all and also my vents are stuck on defrost mode. I checked all the fuses and all of them are fine. I also checked the relays also fine and I even bought the ac temp control of the center console and still nothing at all. A lot of people have been telling me that its the ac computer if that is the case where is the computer located? Thank you for your time and look forward hearing from you.

My response...
The HVAC computer is located where you replaced the "ac temp control" as it comes as a complete ass'y. It controls the heat/defrost/AC servos also as well as the AC compressor clutch (relay)

There are two (2) different circuits for the 08 Spectra
Up till 05/01 and after 05/01...

Hope these schematics help..

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Dave i need your help again for the billion time. lol I am having problem with my AC on my car. I made a thread let me know if you have any fixes for the problem.
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