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Originally posted by lawgirl5@Jun 1 2005, 10:23 PM
:(  I'm all stressed out!  I was driving home this afternoon in my 2003 Kia Sorento (71K miles) and the ABS light came on and stayed on!  According to the manual, this means the anti lock braking system has a malfunction.  However, it doesn't mention if its safe to drive it until I can take it to the shop??  I have to drive 140 miles tomorrow but usually drive 42 miles a day to and from work. this something that I need to take care of like tomorrow, or can I wait a few days to the weekend?  And is it safe to drive it?  Is there anything I can try to see if it will shut off?  I'm one who knows very little about cars!!!  Thanks!!!!


Could you please tell me how this turned out? My ABS light comes on sporadically. It won't turn off until I turn the ignition off, then when I turn the ignition back on it is gone, only to turn back on at a later time. This sounds like a sensor to me, but I would really appreciate learning how your situation ended up.

Thanks in advance for sharing.
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