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2015 Sedona SXL
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Hi my wife and I are planning to buy either a 2016/2017/2018 Sedona. We are looking for a van for our growing family. I REALLY like the Sedona, it just doesn't look so "soccer-mom" which i'm sure you all agree. My only concern is the gas mileage. In 2022 it feels annoying to get a car that says 18/24mpg. Do you all find the mpg to be an annoyance or is it really not that bad? I see that a lot of them come with an "Eco-Mode", does that significantly bump the MPG?

Random question, are there any "quirks" I should know about the Sedona or KIA in general? Such as, does it take regular gas, or a premium type? (I only like cars that take regular unleaded cheaper gas). Is maintenance simple and easy (such as with a Honda / Toyota)? I used to own a Volkswagen and maintenance was pricey and it required premium expensive gas.

Final 2 questions:
My wife really wants a sunroof, but from what I see that ONLY comes with the SX-L trim, right?
Apple CarPlay is ONLY available on 2017 and newer, right?

We are wanting specifically a Sedona with 2 captain chairs middle row (not the 3-seat bench) and leather seats. Sunroof would be nice. Apply CarPlay would be nice. Neither would be a bummer.
Thank you!
Our 2015 Sedona SX-L has Carplay.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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