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acually it was probly the other way around...

we picked up the refurbishing kit from the dealer & got the engine halfway out of the car & when we went to disconect the exuast we discovered that the transmission has a freakin HOLE IN IT! its about the size of a nickel & perfectly round, like somebody took a shotgun to it!
i couldnt believe it. acually, i could because i noticed the shifter was way too loose (as in i didnt even have to press the shift button to change gears) & when the car broke down, it looked like there was transmission fluid leaking out of the car. i figured it was oil because the guy at the shop i brought it to just said the engine was dead, nothing about the transmision busting.
i have a feeling now that maybe the transmission is what blew & that is what caused the engine to lock up...crap...well ive already spent over $500 on an engine, parts, & tools so far i might as well go the extra mile & do something about the tranny. cant trash it now. what would you suggest? try to seal it up? replace the transmission? take it to a pro? HELP! :crying:
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