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Hi I am a 55y/o disabled pensioner and possess a 03 kia rio(my only way of getting about) with a 1.5l motor and was wondering if anyone knows where i can get a replacement cylinder head for same at a reasonable price S/H or new. any info be appreciated.
ps...i live in Darwin NT. please msg me or email me at [email protected]

thx Peter

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The heads for this car are expensive because of "supply and demand"...
The required maintainence on this car calls for the TB to be replaced every 60k Miles/ 100k kilos. Many owners do not heed this suggestion and the heads and block get damaged when the belt breaks or jumps a few teeth...
The later engines are a Hyundai design and are plentiful as they are used in Hyundais and KIAs..
The parts demand a premium and we see here in the USAthat there are a lot of these cars in good shape going to the salvage yard because of engine damage...
If your belt did not cause the problem(s) you may be able to get the head re-manufactored with new valves and valve seats for less than a new or used head.
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