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2012 Optima SX
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I thought I'd share a frustrating story that at least has a happy ending...(apologies in advance as it's a bit long).

Attended dealer #1 looking for a white 2012 Optima SX. As none were in stock, before continuing any negotiations, I asked if they could get one. New car manager checks and says yes he can get week tops. So we complete the deal along with a $3k deposit. Paperwork is done, however no VIN is obtained, (but it would follow shortly). On the 6th day, since I hadn't heard anything, I decided to call dealer. I was told, "oops, it's been sold". "That's funny" I replied, "isn't a deposit supposed to hold and guarantee the vehicle?" Not necessarily because the other dealer sold it, "would you like a black one instead?" "only if the black looks really, really white" I replied. When I asked for my deposit back, I started to get excuses about they were still looking for a white SX. I said "once you have it on the lot, then I will gladly give you some cash, until then, return my damn money". The NCM said he would refund my credit card immediately. I checked w/my CC company the following day to find no credit issued. I phoned the NCM again who stated "oh, the SA did the refund and she's not working until later today". "That's nice" I said, "all I would need then is the transit number for the credit transaction"..."ummm, I don't have it and don't know where it might be". "You ARE the NCM aren't you?" I asked, "isn't it your job to know the business?". I received a feeble answer about chasing a lead in Ontario for 2 white SX's...really? is this yet another attempt to hang onto my cash? As i had other business to attend to, I waited and phoned the SA when she arrived at work. She hadn't done the reversal b/c that was done by the finance dept, but she would go check for me....and wait for it...the reversal had not been done. I then attended the dealership within 20 minutes and had my CC credited.

Having no faith in dealer #1, I stopped by dealer #2 and asked the same question...can you get a white 2012 SX? The SA said yes, but it may take a while. I asked, if I give a deposit, will you keep it for a week then tell me the car is sold? She looked at me w/a puzzled look and said huh? Well, that's what dealer #1 did to me 7 days ago! She assured me if we write a deal she would locate and show me the car on the computer, and it would held for me. We did write a deal, and within 20 minutes her NCM located a white SX on a boat, presumably steaming in from Korea. As it later turned out, there were 2 white SX's on the boat and the dealer scooped them both! I later left the dealer with paperwork, and a VIN, and a tentative delivery date.

What strikes me as odd is that dealer #1 had the deal in hand, along with my deposit for 7 days, but rather than simply find a vehicle, they allowed the deal to drop. Dealer #2, found a car within 30 minutes and did what I would expect of a dealership, be honest and find me a car...

So...which dealer would you like to deal with?

Dealer #1 = I won't identify to avoid a flame war, (PM me if you want to know).

Dealer #2 = Eastside KIA, ask for Dawn 403-808-0850
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