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Hey all,

Jumped into the Kia family with both feet!

Just a quick backstory, wife's car(2011 Camry)was destroyed by a drunk driver about 3 weeks ago(she's ok. Still a bit sore, though). She was planning on buying another Camry, but we decided to look around before the final decision. Stopped by a Kia dealership, on a whim, and was blown away with the quality and the features! Went back the next day and bought a CPO 2013 Optima SXL! Great car!

Had an issue with one of the TPMS sensors, so, last Saturday, I had her take it to the dealership to get it fixed, because I was at work. While I'm at work, she calls me and tells me that she and our salesman, Chris, are going to come get my car(2013 Ford Focus ST-3)so they can look it over. They come, get my fob, and take off. About two hours later, she calls me and says "you gotta come by the dealership on your lunch break and sign some papers. I just traded your car for a 2016 Sportage SX" :eek:! I knew she hated my car(she can't, and refused to learn, how to drive a stick), but I was unaware of the length she was willing to go to get rid of it, lol!

Anyway, we now have a Pearl White(not sure what the official color is called)2013 Kia Optima SXL, and Mineral Gray 2016 Kia Sportage SX! I miss my 6-speed tranny, but I'll be ok...:D. I'll post some pics later on.


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Hello Phil and welcome to the Kia forums.
I think your wife is trying to tell you something more than wanting an auto.
The ST is a bit of a bone shaker OK. for the young and fit for short journeys. And nipping around Essex lanes. lol
You will need some nice laid back music for your new wheels.

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