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I have read quite a few poor experiences with Kia dealerships on these forums and have even had a few myself. Therefore, I think it is only fair that I tell everyone about one of the best dealer experiences I have ever had regardless of the make of car.

My local dealer, Cronin Kia in Harrison Ohio, recently had what they called a free "Service Clinic" which included a vehicle inspection and one on one conversation with their best Kia technicians. I had some reservations about what it might really be, but it was just what they said - no pitch to buy anything just a really good conversation with the actual people who work on these cars everyday. It was a revelation to me how much they really try to do their best to be sure every vehicle gets the best care. I also met and discussed all things Kia with the District Parts and Service Manager for Kia who was very easy to talk to and went out of his way to explain everything to me and listen to my thoughts.

During the inspection of my Rondo they found two little problems and took care of them under warranty, but mostly everything was working fine.

I cannot help but think if Kia did this more often the customer-dealer relationship would be much stronger - what a great idea.
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