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So, I am new to this forum, and offroading/truck modding in general. I bought an 04 Sorento LX a few months ago and was weary about a Korean 4X4, but the minute I fired up the engine after removing the suit case muffler and resonator and installing a Flowmaster muffler, I fell in love with modding it. I just did the timing belt and water pump (should have outsourced the job to some other sucker), and I am ready to start adding more to it.

My next upgrade is going to be the 2" Daystar lift, then I'm going for bigger tires. I was wondering, first of all, if anyone has heard of a body lift kit for the first gen Sorento to take it that extra inch. I am also interested in what the maximum tire size is for this truck. I am looking to get 265/75/16's for it, but bigger is always better.

Also, if anyone is in the Tucson, AZ area, I would be willing to get together to talk more about off roading and modifying the Sorento in general. If you are in the Tucson area, look me up on Facebook (Matthew Randolph) or you can email me at "[email protected]"

Thanks for the info

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