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Suspension and Audio Question

I am brand new to this site so bare with me.

My first question is about the suspension. I have noticed when the car is in my garage it is leaning to the back drivers side wheel (I noticed it before I put in the subs). I was wondering if anyone has had this problem or has seen any other posts stating this same issue. I looked but could not find any. I did not take a picture of it because it is hard to see in a photo, but it is noticeable in person. I will try to get a good photo tomorrow and post it.

My second question is about the "subwoofer" that comes with the car located in the back passenger side panel; quotes because it is technically called a sub but I disagree. I think that I have blown it and was wondering if I could just remove it and not replace it. I have enough bass in the car and believe it or not besides the back wiper it is the only thing rattling and its driving me nuts. Just a little pic of my subs, and thanks for any help/ suggestions you can offer.


I found a way to show the difference in the back suspension. I measured it and the drivers side from the top of the rim to the wheel well is under 6inchs, and the passenger side is 6 and 1/2. Now I know this is not a big difference but it is noticeable (to me) and will be a problem if it sinks anymore. My garage is level, just checked it today. I also took a drive on these rough St. Louis streets (haha), and when i remeasured it looked like it sunk a little more. Again its not much but if its moving every time I drive it will be a problem soon.

Does anyone know how to change my thread title in the thread listings? Meaning I changed my title in the edit console, but it did not change on the thread postings. It is a vague title and would like to change it to attract more specific users. Thanks again for any help/ suggestions and hope you guys like my ride!


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