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I just purchased my '99 Kia Sportage (AT RWD convertible) with 44K on the engine, and less than 300 miles later it's acting up.

Starting became more and more of a chore as I used it. At first it would start right up, after a week or so it took like 3 tries of turning the key, now 3 months later it takes 10, if it even starts at all. The starter turns strong, but the engine just doesn't start. I can get the car to run if I spray carburator cleaner into the intake, then it starts immediately. If I turn the key within a minute or 2 after shutting it down it will restart, but after sitting it won't. It runs almost perfect, but occasionally it will stall when I come to a stop. I have replaced the fuel pump but the problem continues.

Another wierd thing I have noticed is that the heating gauge will fly up to almost the top during short bursts of hard acceleration. It does this even after driving less than a mile after starting cold. It comes right back down after I lay off the accelerator though.

The check engine light comes on and off as it pleases. The "Hold" light blinks on and off sometimes.

Can anyone suggest something(s) given the current problems?
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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