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1999 Kia Sportage, 2.0L, 2WD, 4 Cylinder, Soft top
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Hello everyone,

I have been reading on these forums for awhile and I figured since I read through most topics it was time for me to post!

Here is the basic info about my car:
-1999 Kia Sportage
-96k miles
-2.0 L 4 cylinder engine, 2WD, Automatic, Soft top

So I bought this car about 2-3 years ago and it has worked very well for me. I take a trip from Vegas out to Anaheim each year a few times and normally I rented a car. Well I started to take this car the past two times. The first time went pretty well. There are some big hills I was worried about but it did pretty well at about 60mph. Which if you have seem the hill right after the state boarder it is quite steep.

Anyway after the trip there was about a 6-8 months in between the next trip. In that time I had a few problems arise. Spark plugs went bad, ignition coils failed, knock sensor was going bad. With all of this I had some really bad misfires I had to drive on for a few weeks. I did not have the money to fix them at that time. So I replaced all those parts and the car was mostly back to normal. I did notice it had some trouble with hills now and didn't have some oomph it used to have. I took a trip back out to Cali again in july and this time it was having a lot of problems with hills. Even with it floored and pushing it into the highest RPMs it couldn't get past 45 on the big hills. I also pulled off to the side at one point on a big hill and the car shut off on its own(only time its ever done that).

So it has a very hard time with hills and acceleration now. Also when I accelerate fast, like when getting on a freeway, I smell a burning smell. When I start the car up and I am driving through the parking lots I hear, what I would call a putting sound from the car. Its not really loud but I can hear it. I don't have a rough idle but I can feel a small shake. When the car is sitting still for to long like a long light or a drive through it starts to heat up and the needle on the temp gauge goes to 3/4 sometimes almost all the way to the top.

So here's a list of main and small side problems!
-Low power on hills
-When faster acceleration smell a burning smell

-Car heats up on idle
-Small hake on idle
-When fuel gets low no light pops on(not really a problem just thought I would add all problems in case)

I would appreciate any help or tests I can do! I have basic tool and no real access to gauges unless I take it to a garage.

My ideas so far were catalytic converter clogged, fuel filter clogged, air intake clogged. Are there any tests I can do to check these?

Sorry about the long wall of text. I really appreciate any help! Thank you!! :lol:

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What you describe (loss of power uphill, temp. gauge running hot) could very well indicate a partially blocked or failed pre-Cat converter (directly below the exhaust manifold) and if this is the case, would also suspect the Main Cat. converter is also affected (blocked) w/ material from the pre-Cat ..

Prior to my having issues w/ the Pre-Cat on the 00' Sporty here, I had the Timing Belt serviced by a repair shop locally about 15,000 miles prior.

After pulling the timing covers & inspecting the belt, I found the timing marks for the Intake/Exhaust cams were not lined up properly during the service - the motor was using extra fuel / the motor was not running well.

So, you may want to consider checking the timing marks as well on your Sporty if you feel this applies to you.

re: testing the Pre-Cat, one test involves removing the upper O2 sensor and inserting a bung / using a vacuum gauge, another is to physically remove and inspect the Pre-Cat converter, which is what I did to determine it was cracked/degraded/bad on the '00 Sporty.

* If the Sporty is overheating, would caution against running for any length of time w/ a bad Cat, this can (read: will) affect other components, e.g. head gasket, cylinder head --- best to get the problem sorted -prior- to causing further damage to the motor. *

Hope this helps,

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