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99 Sportage codes: P0310, P0710, P1700, P1B00

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I have a 99 Sportage with 136,000 miles. the catalytic converter broke and I had to replace it. I also put an O2 sensor in while I had it apart (CEL indicated a faulty O2). got a CEL after about 2 days - code P0303- missfire on 3. pulled the plugs and #3 hed nearly burned the electrode off (one of those Bosch Splitfire plugs - the other 3 were fine). so I put some more plugs in it - this time some Denso platinums. about 20 miles later its running rough again and the CEL is back on. so I swap the coils (checked the plugs while I was in there and they all looked fine) to try and isolate the problem and now these are the codes I get:

P0310- Cylinder 10 misfire detected.
I assume since I only have 4 cylinders that the computer can't isolate which cylinder the missfire is on or it is random...

P1700- Unidentified code
looking this code up through various web searches I think this may relate a TPS problem...

P0710- Transmission fluid Temperature Sensor
by reading here and elsewhere this could mean I need to flush the tranny, but I've been told that can sometimes be a bad thing with so many miles. that being said, I have noticed when it is cold it does take some time to shift...

P1B00- Unindentified code
here is the fun one one seems to know anything about this code. maybe by clearing up the other codes this one will go away too. and yes, that is a "B" not and "8" - P1B00. any ideas?

we bought the old girl for our daughter about 6 years ago with 75,000 miles. it got her through her SR year of highschool and 4 years of college and still runs - though currently not well. We definitely feel like we got our moneys worth, but I think she still has some more miles left in her. just gotta figure out what is going on...

any help is appreciated
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There should be 2 o2 sensors one upstream and one down stream from the cat the onboard computer compares the voltage form the two and if its not in tolerance it gives a cel. The voltage should be around 800 to 850 mv it could be the other o2 is bad now you have replaced the cat and one sensor....? seal9
so I put a coil on and she ran like a charm - for about a day. then started backfiring and missing and sputtering. so thinking I put bad gas in (the timing was suspect, but I had to try something) I put an octane booster in it and it smoothed out. thinking I'd hit on something I ran a couple of tanks of 93 octane. on the 3rd tank it all started again. it got so bad the CEL started flashing and I had a total loss of power. I fueled up at a new station so I tried the octane boost trick again - this time with no luck. but I remembered when I replaced the coil I noticed a spot on one of the wires that I wasn't too thrilled about - so I replaced the wires and plugs (wth, since I'm in there - again). so far so good. I did notice there was a crack in the other coil when I inspected it so I'll end up replacing it too. the one I replaced just crumbled when I pulled the boot off to inspect it so I think I had a couple of things going on. this is the 3rd day and everything is running well.
Hello! I have a Kia sportage 2.0i 16v year 2000.
I have the same four codes as you had then.
Please tell me if the coils were the problem and after you replaced them everything was ok, i mean the CEL did not flash again and the car was going well.
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