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99 Sephia

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Thes symptoms started 2 days ago. And the engine light came on today. I want to check the TPS first. I've used an ohmeter to check it on other cars. Is there anything different here? Also, what are the most common causes of this problem? Does the engine light go off by itself when the problem is fixed?
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I am willing to bet you need to replace the spark plug wires. very common problem omong sephias and spectra!
also is the check engine light blinking?

The light is staying on solid. New wires were put on in November. Tho I do recall replacing the wires a few years earlier because of a regular miss. This time, it has moments of good power, but then it bogs if I give it more gas, plus it bucks when slowing down.
if you ahve an autozone near you or advanced auto go there get the ecu scanned post the results here. oh yea they will do it free also.

I pulled off the TPS connector to test the resistance and there are no spikes or dead zones. I drove it to Advance Auto and on the way there, the engine light went off, and all the symptoms went away.

Heres the OBDII scan:


TPS/Pedal Position


I think the TPS code is from running the engine with the TPS disconnected, so the MAF caused the original problem. But now its OK. What gives?
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well if it is off leave it till it goes on again. if goes on again get it scanned again. to restet the codes. disconnect neg terminal on battery get in car push brake pedal. the reconnect! if it does come on again and you get that maf code going to have to replace the maf. also the ecu on these cars can adapt to a bad code and fix it if possible. maybe the maf got a bad signal for a moment then changed the mixture (this is what the maf helps with).

Thanks, at least I'll have a better idea next time it happens. I hate messing with electronics but the diagnostic tools are pretty cool!
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