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i have Pride from 99. I bought a new radio with another plug than the old (a LG something). Anyway my new radio has ISO plugs, so I decieded to buy a ISO adapter for Kia Pride. And the plugs fitted perfectly (beside that the ground wire was loose and should be fitted somewhere with groundconnection). However, the radio has power when ignition OFF, but when I turn on my car it played for a few secounds and the radio begins to smoke (not the fuse).

As far as I can measure , the +12V ignition has 12V, the 12V memory has 12V, and ground should be attached to a place with ground. However, it seems that the connection in the car for power (the one in the Tree pin plug- more exact the one for it self)- the AUto antenna (written on the adapter) has ground connection (ISO pin nr 5) - but could this make my radio smoke???

Thx for any help
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