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98 Sportage - Leaking AC Unit

Tools: One Phillips Screw Driver
One 90 Degree Phillips Screw Driver

How To:
1. Open the Glove Box, remove three screws holding the glove box to the car.
2. Remove the 4 or 5 screws holding the plastic panels around the glove box.
(Remember to open the passenger door all the way and remove the screw
up on the side of plastic panel where it wraps around the side of the
dashboard. You will have to pull this portion of the panel outward before
it will come off.)
3. Optional: Remove the metal bar that the glove box was secured to. This bar has one bolt at each end and is pretty easy to remove with the right size socket and a 6
inch extension.
4. Use the 90 Degree Phillips Screwdriver to remove as many of the screws holding the black plastic “blower box” together as possible (should be able to get 5 or 6)
5. The black plastic “blower box” contains a small version of a “radiator” which work in reverse when compared to the engines radiator – this radiator get cold!
It also contains the blower fan and motor located to the right. NOTE: The fan
and motor can be removed simply by removing the three Phillips screws located on the outside, bottom right of the box. Remember to disconnect the single electrical connector running to the fan motor, and relocate any wires which may be running under the fan motor that are in the way. (You do not need to remove the fan motor to fix this leak, but like mine the fan motor probably got wet from all the water and started squealing when the bearings rusted.)
6. The bottom half of the black box forms a tray under the small radiator to catch the condensation water and drain it down and forward through the floor boards. (Just above where your left foot would normally set and get wet!) The “channel” formed in the bottom of that tray is being plugged by a layer of foam the manufacturer added to the inside of the tray (don’t ask WHY they put it in there, I don’t know).
7. Grab the lower half of the black box you just took 5 or 6 screws out of and bend the left corner of the tray down so you can see inside. (I bent mine down far enough to get half my left hand in from the left side and feel around for obstructions – it was tight and I did get scratched up a bit.) I was able to get my head under the dash far enough to look in the tray along the left edge and see the drain hole! It was covered/plugged by the foam which had come loose from the tray over the years.
8. Get your hand in as far forward as possible and drag the foam layer back away from the hole – then RIP IT OUT OF THE CHANNEL. Do not leave any loose pieces laying in the tray. The fact is the designers did not leave enough room for the layer of foam under the little radiator. It also tends to loosen from the tray and plug the hole. Either problem results in water pooling around the bottom of the radiator and not draining out the hole.
9. If you notice a lot of leaves inside the fan, clean it out to prevent future problems.
10. After I did this (and dried the carpet) it never leaked again!

Put it back together.
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