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97, 5 Speed Man Tran Quaestion

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I have a 1997 1.8L manual 5 speed tranny. I have qwned the car about 8 years, and it only has 52k miles. Anyways I have been hearing a ticking noise, it is not in synch with the engine. It only happens when the engine is reved up, at idle or just above it is fine. I am positive its the transmission. I think it might be the spider gear (not sure if thats the right name).

Any advice would be much appreciated.

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hi man , it is too bad when something is wrong with your car and you cannt understand what exsactly, today I cheked my KIA SEPHIA 1994, in diagnostic center and they gave me good advice. as I am not mechanic and not good specialist in that clouse sorry , my advice is just to wait until Mike or other good specialist memebrs of these forum gave you a good recomendations.

I what to ask you one questin about transmition, I have 5 manual trasmition, somtimes i fill that its going hard to put it in 1 and in back position, i dont know why...... after diagnotic center my car is steel in good mood, hope everything will be fine with yours toooo.

keep good riding man :57:
could it be in the motor? ussually ticking means lifters. either sticking or gone??? change the oil and put higher octane gas in.

The oil has just been changed. I will try the higher octane gas also. Thanks for the advice also.
by any chance you know what grade oil was put in? 5w30 10w30 10w40 ect?

try 5w next time if you still hear it.

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