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Sorento 2012 ex With sunroof and leather + kawasaki Vulcan custom
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Hi!! today I try to go on the top off a hill ( a lawn and wet!) I was 4wd lock and the esc turn off. Every ting was fine but suddenly my tires start too spin and the engine was cut ( I press the accelerator on the floor but noting! like it was electronic cut...) and after that the 4wd systeme warning light turn on!!?? To shut the light you need too stall the engine ans start it back, I try several times !! A 2011 outlander and 2010 forest was able to go uphill!! I was pisst!! any one could explain this!? any tips!?

My theory is because the 4wd lock was turn on and wen the tire start to spin the reach more than 30km ( 19mph ) and deactivate the 4wd lock and create a confusion at the awd system If so in my situation I will better to don't 4wd lock ( I never try it) Whit the snow coming I like to understand more my Sorento!. Last year I have a 2011 sportage and what i remember the traction was better on the sportage.

And you sorento lover and specialist what are you thinking about this!! thanks!!
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