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2023 Kia Sportage EX HEV AWD
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So our car has 24,500 MI, I use it for doordash. I've had it serviced every 5k mi and never had any issues until the other day.

I'm driving and the engine seems to bog down a bit then without pressing the pedal any further it's jolts like I just floored it. I pop the hood and check out fluid levels and notice the engine coolant reservoir is almost empty. I checked the coolant hoses for and found no visual leaks. Had my lady drive her home and I followed in another car and noticed white smoke out the exhaust.

We contact the dealer they had us bring it in. After I dropped it off maybe 2 hours later they call and tell me that it's completely normal for these new kias to use coolant. I'm baffled and get off the phone. I've been trying to figure out how that makes sense and haven't came to an explanation aside from an internal leak. Yeah some coolant may evaporate but I've never worked on or owned a car that has had that much evaporate in 4500 miles.

Is this really a normal occurance?
1 - 2 of 5 Posts