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21+ Sorento - 12-Channel Bose Audio - Figured out

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Hi All,

Longtime viewer of the forum here - this is my 1st post but I wanted to make sure its a good one. I am a ex-car audio installer turned IT professional but I still have the itch for car audio in a hobby capacity. For reference I have a 2021 Sorento SX Prestige X-Line (Aruba Green)
Like many of you, I have searched high and low for the Bose wiring diagram of the new 12-channel system in the 21+ Sorento. That diagram is nowhere - I bit the bullet this weekend and spent about 6 hours testing and figuring out the mystery that is this new Bose System wiring diagram.

This ended up happening because I purchased a DSP (Puzu PX-X6800S) and its corresponding "plug and play" harness which is supposed to be for the 21+ Sorento - that part number of the harness is YZ0006. I will save you the trouble - the harness is all wrong - the pinouts are not right *but the dangerous part is, that the plugs fit - so keep that in mind.
So - now down to business - the factory Bose amp. Located under the passenger seat with a Yellow(primary) and green(secondary) harness.
A few "constants" about these plugs - the pins (all of them) on the top most row when looking at the plug with the main clip on top - those are the + connections
the bottom row are all (-) this rings true for both yellow and green plugs.
Each plug is 30-pin - you will have to trim off the factory tesa tape to reveal enough slack in the harness to be able to work with it - for me it was easiest to unbolt the amp (3 x10mm nuts) and bring it forward into passenger side floor area.
In the factory harnesses as you strip back the tesa tape - a little further back in the harness, you will see the speaker wires are actually twisted together, which indicates that each twisted pair of wires is a + and - of a speaker connection.

1st pic
Green Plug: starting from the right most pin - the speakers are all "top and bottom" wiring in the harness, NO speakers are pinned out laterally(left to right)

Pin 1 + / Pin 16 - Drivers side front door Speaker (6.5")- this is coupled with the sail tweeter
Pin 2 + / Pin 17 - Passenger side front door Speaker (6.5) - this is coupled with the sail tweeter
Pin 3 + / Pin 18 - Rear Subwoofer 8" (drivers side rear, behind 3rd row)
Pin 4 / 19 - empty
(skipping over the smaller pins in the middle, there are no speaker wires there)
Pin 12 + / 27 - Drivers side corner dash speaker (2.75")
Pin 13 + / 28 - Passenger side corner dash speaker (2.75")
Pin 14 + / 29 - Center Channel (3.5")
Finger Wrist Nail Thumb Wire

Yellow (Main Plug)
From right to left:
Pins 1-4 are all 12v constant
and below those 4, are 4 ground connections - pins 16-19

Starting now on the left side (which is pin 15 at the last pin)
Pin 15 + / 30 - Drivers side C-Pillar surround speaker (3.5")
Pin 14 + / 29 - Passenger side C-Pillar surround speaker (3.5")
Pin 13+ / 28 - Drivers side rear door (6.5")
Pin 12 + / 27 - Pass side rear door (6.5"
Sleeve Finger Nail Thumb Hat

I hope this is useful to the community. I spend about 5-6 hours figuring this out and gently testing each wire to get the complete plugs figured out.
If anyone feels motivated to contribute to my cause, as I will be posting more audio mod info about the Sorento - hit me at @BChabalik on PP - anything is appreciated.
Thanks everyone and I hope this helps you in your mod journey with your Sorento!!
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Here is a pic mid-way through the install - wiring not done / cleaned up at that point but just to show the DSP
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Love your effort and work. I have a Kia Carnival here in Sydney Australia with the bose premium stereo. I too would love to do something to better the stereo.
Down these ways there's a place who do do a plug and play on the bose amp, but I doubt it's the 12 speaker system.
Great work
Are you rewiring the purchased connectors to match correctly or do you have another plan to wire it up now that you figured out the amp/speaker wires ...

I never heard of the brand but if it's decent quality the added power should benefit sound.
Keep us updated! Thanks
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