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2023 Sportage Hybrid -shift/transmission lag

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Hey everyone!

Received my 2023 Sportage Hybrid SX-Prestige on June 19. Had to put an order in about a month earlier so didn’t take too long to arrive. Also got it at MSRP which was nice. Swapped my 2019 Honda Insight for it.
Anyway, just seeing if anyone else has had the issue of an almost lag, or pause of the shifting/transmission when pulling away from a stop?
It happens randomly and usually only like once a drive, usually in the beginning.
I leave my house in electric, the engine kicks on at some point…I have a stop sign not far from where I park so I’ll come to it, slow down…and if I don’t come to a complete stop and try to press the gas then after breaking…it feel like it doesn’t know what to do….the electric motor nor the gas engine engages for like a second or two before it is like…OH YEAH I’m supposed to be going! And it almost lurches a bit to make up the delay since…by this point…I’m pressing harder on the gas to actually move!

again, it only happens at those moments of almost stopping but not really but I’m concerned it will do it while trying to merge on a highway or something. Seems very dangerous.

I have an appointment this week to have the emissions done and to fix a squeak with a handle so I’m going to inquire and have them drive it. Could be a software update or something.
Just coming from my Honda and it’s CVT, the electric motor would always engage to get the car going and it never did anything like that. But maybe I’m just not used to driving a car with gears anymore…hah.
Anyway, thanks for any insight anyone!

Besides that, car is awesome. Looks cool. So much tech. Comfortable. Etc etc.

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Does it have anything to do with the engine stop/start system? My Ridgeline hesitates a moment until the engine starts when I try to enter traffic after I am stopped.
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The Hybrid does not have auto start/stop
I was wrong, the Sorento Hybrid has that feature.
I received my 2023 Sportage Hybrid Sx Prestige in Dec of 22. Only have 1300 miles on it but I have experienced the same lag on acceleration. A little disconcerting when merging into heavy traffic. Will ask my dealership when I have my first oil change. Have you found any information concerning the lag? Thanks
If it is not the typical turbo lag then I don't know what it is. That's why people buy superchargers instead of turbos.
I have the same issue with my hev ex 2023, not sure what to do about it.
Come to a full stop at stop signs. :D We have never had an issue with our hybrid.
It's not always about stop signs. There are many yields that could spark this issue. That's where I encounter it most times.
That was a joke. :) We do have issues when pulling into our garage. If we stop a little short of where the vehicle needs to be to clear the garage door and try to move forward a little bit more, the car will not move even when pushing the accelerator. I am fearful of pushing too hard on the accelerator and smashing into the workbench the front of the vehicle. It will eventually move, but at a rate that I am not comfortable with - more of a lurching forward.
Is it a transmission issue or auto hold?
UPDATE: You were correct, @Koreanadian. I showed my wife the auto hold feature about 3 days ago in the drive through line. I did not know it would stay "on" until I pushed the button again. It rolled into the garage today after we stopped so smoothly and effortlessly. :)
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