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2021 Sorento Mods - Share and discuss

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How about we list and/or illustrate any mods we make in one place.
  1. Hood struts have been done following this mod: Hood Struts 2021 Sorento
  2. Roof rails (X-line in this case). I just received Turtle roof rails after reading this thread: Roof Rails - Sorento 2021 X Line
  3. 2" Receiver Hitch and Wiring Harness. AFAICT there are no aftermarket hitches yet but I had the dealer install the Kia hitch. It took them 2.5 hours as they were surprised to find that Kia had not brought any electricity to the rear of the vehicle (like they do for the Palisade) so they had to run wiring all the way to the engine compartment.
  4. Foot-well lighting. I added lighting front and back, using this product when it was $35: It was easy to install and hide all wiring. The lights turn on with the car. I have them set to match the purple color of the Kia screen but they can be white or any other color. They can also dance to the beat of music which is too much fun for me to handle.
  5. Fumoto / Quick and Clean Oil Changes: I always do my own maintenance and have used this on several cars. Every car should come with one:
  6. NEW: (3/12/21) Radar Detector - Hard Wired with Mirror Tap!: 2021 Sorento Mods - Share and discuss
  7. NEW: Post #141: Conical Air Filter:
  8. NEW: Post #142: Grill Screen: 2021 Sorento Mods - Share and discuss (this shows the how to do the lower section. the upper section is also complete).
  9. NEW: Post #236: Rain Visors: 2021 Sorento Mods - Share and discuss
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Accessories (minor "mods"). I like making a new vehicle feel like it's "Mine" by adding mods and accessories...
  1. Rear Cargo Liner (for dirty dogs). Very good fit. Also cargo storage with bunjee to hold it in place: View attachment 117788
  2. Front seat liner (for dirty sweaty driver). Fits better than the online product photos would indicate due to having more material a the top: View attachment 117784
  3. Valve Caps (nearly a color match but a poor focus on the intricate cap. In daily life, no one will likely ever notice the caps besides me, LOL): View attachment 117787
  4. Black plate holder (with clear cover): View attachment 117785
  5. Rear Storage Accessories (car jack, socket set +, tire repair kit, first aid kit, snow "sock", emergency reflector triangle, jumper cables, tire inflation pump, car vacume. View attachment 117790 View attachment 117791
Has anyone installed a hood deflector? I saw one on Kias website but I’m pretty sure they raise prices. $200 seems a bit steep but not sure if there is other options that fit. Same with a sun shade for the windshield. Being in California with no covered parking at work, I’d like to try and protect my interior as much as possible. Again, Kia has one but it’s $97 and has the big KIA wording on it!
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