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2015 Forte EX (Steel Blue), 2018 Rio5 EX Sport (Hyper Blue)
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Since there isn't a sub-forum for the 4th gen Rio, I will post here (delete if not allowed!)

Ever since I updated to Oreo(8.0), when I connect my Galaxy S7 edge to my Rio, it connects as in it supports volume sync and plays fine, but after playing for around 10 seconds, it switches back to no volume sync, which makes the volume extremely low.

My question is, has anyone experienced a similar problem and is there a fix to this? I know that I could disable Absolute Volume Control in Developer Options but I have other devices that are working well with that function and I don't want to disable it completely.

Things I've Tried:
-Clearing Bluetooth Cache
-Forget and reconnect car

Any help would be appreciated, Thanks!
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