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2018 Kia Rio 15" versus 17" OEM alloy wheels, impact to comfort, handling or mpg?

The 2018 Rio has an option for a factory 15 inch or 17 inch alloy wheels:

15 inch:

17 inch:

Currently the 17 inch wheels aren't available in the US market, which is too bad as they really are great looking and don't seem to impact fuel economy based upon the Kia model lineup specifications.

Since the 17 inch wheels aren't available in the US market currently, I don't have an opportunity to test drive a Rio with the 17 inch wheels to compare how they ride & handle with the 15 wheels.

I can only assume the 17 inch wheels will have a slightly harsher ride due to shorter tire sidewall and higher wheel weight, but thought I'd ask if anyone has driven a Rio with both wheel sizes and can offer any observations of ride and handling differences?

Also, although the online MPG specifications seem to indicate no MPG penalty for using the 17 inch wheels, can anyone verify that MPG is unaffected with the 17 wheels?

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