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As the title states, my 2017 Kia Sedona was rear ended by a woman in a sedan who was admittedly distracted by her phone. My toddler twins were in the middle row captains seats strapped into their five-point harnesses. Everyone is seemingly fine, though I am pretty sore and we all have appointments with our doctors to be evaluated.

My car was at very low speed, as I was stopped at a traffic light and had just begun increasing speed. She hit us fairly hard, though I can’t accurately determine her speed. The van absorbed the impact incredibly well. She was given a ticket for careless driving. The cosmetic damage does not look bad, though there seems to be some possible damage that I cannot see. I’ve included photos here for reference. I am waiting on an estimate from her insurance company (they use an app where I just submit photos), but wanted to get advice from those more knowledgeable than me to ensure I have all my bases covered. Her insurance confirmed they will reimburse us for new car seats since the manufacturer (Diono) said they now need to be replaced, repairs, and “possible additional funds”. Once I have their estimate for repairs,will be taking it to a few body shops of my choosing to get their assessments.

The functional issues I have had: The trunk would not open until two days after the accident and now has to be forced shut. I can sometimes hear something rattling when driving. I was also getting my children out of the car when the driver’s side automatic door began closing on me, though this only happened once. The rear door is now also concave underneath the Kia emblem, though her car didn’t even impact this area to my knowledge.

We were considering selling the car as early as last week and determined it’s valued in the $19k range if we sold it as a private seller. Is there a possibility it could be totaled out (80% value to total in my state)? What are some of the things I need to ensure are evaluated to prevent problematic in the future? My spouse also has free legal counsel as a perk of his job... Is this something we should consider instead of handling it on our own?


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