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While driving, my wife got rear-ended, when stopped at stop lights. (don't know the other driver speed, but it was 30 mph speed limit street)
It propelled the car up to 4 foots and we thought it was only cosmetic damages.

I hesitated to call our insurances (in Qc, your own insurances pay the repairs or the amount)
At first, I thought it didn't touch the rear panel, but it did, the lower part, near the license plate. so I called them.
The electric trunk is being erratic. It slams the door, it jumps a bit then close, or it does the correct way.

It was supposed to be only 2 days of paint repair and we are almost 10 days with a leased car.
It was destroyed inside, the foam's crushed, plastic clips broken, didn't talk about the metal body, but when they opened it, they had to order extra parts which have to be replaced (trunk and bumper)

2300$ CDN or 1800$ USD is the final invoice.

Do the process and see what are your options. Your car have more damage than mine, it may be totaled out if the metal body is beyond repair...
But the car is really tough, mine, the rear sensors still works.

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