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2017 Kia Sorento MAF or MAP sensor?

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I have a 2017 Kia Sorento 2.4 lx. I'd like to know whether if it has a MAF sensor or a MAP sensor and it's location (picture if possible) so I can first try to clean it before replacing it.

The issue I had was infrequent. I started the car and it started shaking, I pressed the gas all the way in and it wouldn't respond, then it turned off. When I started the car again, everything was back to normal.
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Most of the later models will have an MAP.

Post a photo of your engine and we'll confirm.

The MAP seldom requires cleaning and best left untouched unless you have verified indication that its not performing correctly.
Better to leave the MAP seldom alone then. When I scan the car, it shows no trouble codes. I wonder if the issue is related to the spark plugs. The car has around 115k miles.
Not sure how you can expect an answer to that question when you haven't yet described the issue/symptoms.
Best get a reputable service shop or Kia dealership to inspect and test the servos for the variable intake manifold in addition to other systems.
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Does your code reader show pending codes as well? How about freeze frame data? It's really hard to diagnose prior to a code unless it's pending or can be shown in freeze frames. The complexity of intake systems puts several culprits in the way - Crankshaft Position Sensor, Throttle Position Sensor (only it's not a TPS any longer, it's in the pedal assembly since it's an electronic throttle), MAP, variable valve timing and intake. I believe that any of those can create a pending code before they actually light up the CEL. Intermittent problems are the worse unless data is captured when it happens and you actually have something to show the shop.
Correct, a diagnostic approach is always preferred and most often the less costly, but based on mdesjard's question whether his car uses an MAF or MAP it's my guess that he does not have the experience to do the type of diagnostics that you have suggested.

Another thing, we don't know the mileage and service history - poor oil change intervals leads to issues with the VVT.
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