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Being 2017 does it have Kia warranty still? It's normal to have play in the diff. Maybe the issue is the auto box itself if it's a delayed harsh engagement or put up a video of your car.

Any drivetrain vibration at speed or grease escaped from the inner boot? If you're convinced it's the shaft , pull it out and check inner joint for excessive lay. These joints slide in and out so when they do wear it'll be in one area where they operate. If the joint is fully in or out it will probably feel fine.


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The video you posted is for a different car (make/model) and the noise is from the loose tolerances between the CV shaft gears and the internal spline in the transmission... The noise is normal... If the CV shaft joint was bad you would see on one side of the CV boot movement and on the other side none... in this video both sides move together...
Look for this movement at the CV joint (worn under the the rubber boot) on your car... Usually this is caused by dirt and water intrusion through a damaged boot...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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