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2016 Soul 1.6L idle issues

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Hope any of you can help me figure this out. Bought the car 2 months ago. After a week started getting a 0741 (Torque Converter) code but no performance issues. About 2 weeks ago this started happening.
1.When started cold, it stalls when put in gear.
2.After warming up a little it will stay running but still runs rough until I pull out and give it gas.
3.For the first few minutes it will shudder it I stop with it in gear.
4.Randomly when in park it will knock, but stops when I rev the engine.
5.Most of the time it idles fine after running a while but then, for no reason shudders while stopped in gear.
6. Started getting a 0420 (Catalyst Converter) code.
Making it work but can’t really find much info on what’s going on.
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