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2015+ Sedona wheel/Tire setups ! Lets See them !

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Hey whats up everyone ! Last may we joined the Sedona family. So far nothing but great things to say about this vehicle.

Just looking to see what people are running for wheels and tires on their Sedona.

1. Post up a picture
2. Add dimensions :
- Wheel make, size (i.ex. 20x9), offset (i.ex. et35)
- Tire make and size
3. If possible, add reason behind setup choice !

Stoked to see your setups !
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I have looked at wheels and might chose RTX Warrior or RTX Crystal. I havent ordered yet but... I went for the looks and low price. Size is 17inch because my actual tires are that size, it has a bit more offset than the stock wheels too so it will surely look very good.
Very good choice!
Im getting a quote tuesday on those RTX Crystal rims I thought the RTX fighter wheels would look to much like OEM Honda wheels
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just ordered my non-hubcentric wheels for my KIA.

I did get a tie rod changed under warranty, so If I do get other stuff, ill put the winters on the car before going to the stealer.. the wheels are also wider with more offset, I expect they might poke a bit but not like 20 inch wheels

(edit) and now the pics.. I'll add tire dresser on the tires so they stay black a little while !

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Sweet ! At first I read that you had theses 20s on the subaru, I thought it must have been huge, but I saw it was only that you used the same mudflaps brand you had on the sub.
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