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2015+ Sedona wheel/Tire setups ! Lets See them !

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Hey whats up everyone ! Last may we joined the Sedona family. So far nothing but great things to say about this vehicle.

Just looking to see what people are running for wheels and tires on their Sedona.

1. Post up a picture
2. Add dimensions :
- Wheel make, size (i.ex. 20x9), offset (i.ex. et35)
- Tire make and size
3. If possible, add reason behind setup choice !

Stoked to see your setups !
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Not to be a downer but most of us buy KIA for the warranty and changing up tire/rim size voids that warranty

From warranty manual under "what's not covered" - "Damage caused by installing incorrect tires(size etc) "

That one line will give KIA an out on just about anything that happens to drive train or suspension components.

I wouldn't change tire/rim sizes until I hit the 5 year 60K mile mark.
Good point to consider.

I know Costco will not install tires other than what the manufacturer specifies probably more to protect themselves from risk/liability, and expect many other tire fitment places have the same policy.

Insurance companies might also use it against you.
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